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This is a DML 1:6 Scale U.S. WWII 25th Marine Reg.4th Marine Uniform (Battle of Saipan).

This is a scale 1:6 outfit that is for toys, not for a real human.


1:6 Scale U.S. P-41 USMC Utility Jacket and Trouser: here
1:6 Scale U.S. 1943-Pattern USMC Utility Camo Uniform: here
1:6 Scale U.S. WWII USMC Marine P42 HBT Frog Skin Camo Reversible Helmet Cover: here



  • 1:6 Scale
  • Brand New.
  • Jacket: M1941 Green Utility Jacket (not HBT).
  • Trousers: P44 Camo Utility Herringbone Twill Trousers.


The Battle of Saipan was a significant military engagement that took place during World War II. It occurred between June 15 and July 9, 1944, on the island of Saipan in the Mariana Islands. The battle was fought between the forces of the United States and Japan and marked a turning point in the Pacific War.

Saipan was a strategically important island because of its proximity to the Japanese mainland. Capturing the island would provide the United States with a base for launching long-range bombing raids against Japan. The Japanese understood the significance of Saipan and were determined to defend it at all costs.

The American forces, commanded by Lieutenant General Holland Smith, consisted of the U.S. 5th Amphibious Corps, made up primarily of Marines, with additional support from the U.S. Army's 27th Infantry Division. The Japanese defenders, led by Lieutenant General Yoshitsugu Saito, had around 30,000 troops, including both Japanese Imperial Army soldiers and conscripted civilians.

The battle began with a massive naval and aerial bombardment of the island by the U.S. forces. Following the bombardment, the American troops made an amphibious landing on June 15, 1944. The Marines faced fierce resistance from the well-entrenched Japanese defenders. The Japanese employed a strategy of defense in depth, utilizing caves, bunkers, and fortified positions to slow the American advance.

The fighting on Saipan was intense and brutal. The Japanese soldiers and civilians were determined to fight to the death rather than surrender, as the surrender was considered dishonorable in Japanese culture. The American forces faced significant challenges, including heavy casualties from Japanese artillery and banzai charges.

One of the most notable aspects of the Battle of Saipan was the involvement of Japanese civilians. Many Japanese civilians, including women, children, and the elderly, were living on the island at the time. As the battle progressed and the situation became dire, many civilians committed suicide rather than surrendering to the American forces. This tragic aspect of the battle highlighted the extreme measures taken by the Japanese to avoid capture.

Despite the fierce resistance, the American forces gradually gained ground. The Marines successfully pushed the Japanese defenders towards the northern part of the island. By July 9, 1944, the American forces had secured the island. The Japanese suffered heavy losses, with only a few hundred soldiers out of the original 30,000 surviving the battle.

The Battle of Saipan was a significant turning.

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